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  • 2020 Alaska River Break-up Preview (Crane Johnson, Rick Thoman, Claude Denver, and Trisha Bower)

Dear LEO Network Members and Participants,

Thank you all for joining us during the April LEO Network Webinar. All presentation materials are available for download at the bottom of this page. The webianr recording is below the agenda. 


1:45pm - Conference Line Opens

2:00pm - Welcome, Agenda Review

2:05pm - LEO Observation Review and Discussion

2:15pm - Presentation

2020 Alaska River Break-up Preview 

Crane Johnson, National Weather Service (NWS)

Rick Thoman, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP)

Claude Denver, State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) River Watch Program

Trisha Bower, Alaska Division of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Solid Waste Program


Most of Alaska has just come off of a colder or snowier (or both) winter than in recent years. Crane Johnson with the NWS Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center will review break-up basics and an overview of current conditions. ACCAP Alaska Climate Specialist Rick Thoman will provide the latest subseasonal outlooks that help inform the APRFC’s official break-up outlook. Claude Denver, with the SEOC will provide an overview of the River Watch program, and provide information about planning for floods. Trisha Bower also joined us from the DEC Solid Waste Program to share best practices when protecting landfills and garbage during a flood. 

If your community experiences a flood and requires assistance from the State of Alaska, please contact the State Emergency Operations Center.

If you would like to share infomration about river ice conditions in your area, please contact the River Forecast Center at nws.ar.aprfc@noaa.gov. Observations can be submitted online at www.weather.gov/aprfc/submit?site=aprfc They can be reached over the phone at 907-266-5160 or at 1-800-847-1739.


Kuskokwim River Breakup at Chuathbaluk
Patricia Yaska
Webinar Recording for April 21st, 2020

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