LEO Network

Who can see the content?

The full content of information on LEO Network (profiles, observations, images, etc.) is only available to other members. The general public is blocked by our sign-in page.

Information that is visible for public viewing includes:

  • Location, title, date and a thumbnail image for every observation.

Information that is visible to LEO members includes:

  • Complete observations
  • Some parts of your personal profile such as your name, photo and organization.

Information that is never visible for anyone except administrators includes:

  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

LEO Network is only as good as its content. We depend on members for good observations and consultations. We rely on you to exercise good judgment and discretion about what to submit.

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Last Updated May 25, 2016

The general public can view the observation title, location, date and a thumbnail image on the map page.

Members can view complete observations and some parts of other members' personal profiles.