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How do I submit an observation?

Once you are a member, you can submit an observation using the LEO Reporter mobile apps available for iPhone and Android or through the website. If you use one of our mobile apps, you can submit an observation from the field with or without an active connection. The mobile apps have the advantage of GPS and the ability to take and use a photo from your handheld device. There are two places on the website where you can submit an observation: the "Make Observation" link in the top navigation bar (visible on every page) or with the "Make Observation" button on your My LEO profile page.

Once you click "Make Observation", you will go through a series of prompts for the following information:

  1. What did you observe? - Here you will select a category icon for your observation. Icons represent a range of topics related to weather, the land, water bodies, species and infrastructure. You can select more than one.

  2. What is your headline? - This is the beginning of your observation story. A short descriptive title is best.

  3. When did your observation occur? - The default time is "now". You can also enter past events.

  4. Where did your observation occur? - The default place is "current location". The apps use GPS for location. On the website you can select from a list of community names.

  5. Add images that tell your story. - If you are using an app, you can either take a photo or attach one. By clicking on "Add Caption", you can describe what is significant about your image. Photo credits can also be attributed.

  6. What is your observation, and why is it significant? - This is your story about the observation. Be descriptive and tell your story.

  7. Ready to send your observation? - This is a preview of what you are about to send. If you like it and authorize the use of your observation for sharing, tap the Send button. You can go back at any time during the process by tapping the back arrow at the top left corner of the window.

Please note, the initial observation is often only the first stage in developing a published submission. Other components can include editorial contributions, links to important resources, consultations from topic experts and attachments to related observations. Much of this occurs with the engagement of an Editor, often located at a LEO Hub.

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Last Updated May 25, 2016

You can submit an observation through www.leonetwork.org and the LEO App.

It takes six easy steps to submit an observation through the LEO App.