LEO Network

How can I use LEO information in my community?

There are several ways that LEO can be of value in addressing local and regional concerns.

Understanding Change

The information in LEO Network can be a signal of an emerging problem. The observations can help to reveal local vulnerabilities. This information can be of value in understanding how other communities are dealing with similar issues.

The posting of an observation provides a way to begin recording or tracking an event and exploring how to adapt or respond. Or it may provide a new data point to help measure a changing baseline. Over time, the observations provide a chronicle of events.

Planning for Change

The website provides an opportunity to display the set of observations submitted by a member or specific to a community or broader region. In the context of a public discussion such as community planning, the maps and other content provide an opportunity to raise awareness and review the types of impacts that have been recorded. This can provide an effective way to discuss these events and explore adaptive strategies.

Implementing Change

The observations are formatted in a way that is easy to read, understand and share. For organizations seeking resources to address issues, this content provides an easy way to share the specific events with community, funding and resource agencies and partners. Additionally, the LEO Directory provides a way to search for topic experts and organizations that may be able to provide assistance.

Adapting to Change

LEO Network is designed to provide a way for Observers to send a signal when an important event has occurred, alerting others and helping to engage topic experts who may be able to answer a question or provide assistance. The Network connects people in a virtual Talking Circle to explore a time- and location-specific event or a series of events. People from different knowledge backgrounds (local area, indigenous or scientific) who may never have met, can convene a discussion and share knowledge.

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Last Updated May 25, 2016

Observations can reveal signals of emerging challenges for communities. Four observations from Shishmaref, Alaska.

LEO Network information can be useful for communities planning and adapting for change. Reviewing observation locations in Kivalina, Alaska.