LEO Network

What kind of information can I share?

In LEO Network, members share information about themselves (in their individual profile) and information about observed events.


A profile is the information that you share about yourself when you enroll in LEO. You can edit your profile at any time by going to your My LEO page and selecting "Edit Profile". Having a profile page gives the Network a location for archiving your observations and a way for you to introduce and connect yourself with other members through the LEO Directory. Only enrolled members can see your information in the public view of your profile.


An observation is a lot like a news story. It contains information about an event that you have witnessed. LEO provides you with the tools to prepare your story for sharing. LEO also provides a social network of readers and a place to publish the story within the Network.

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Last Updated Jun 1, 2016

Observations (top) and public profiles (bottom) are two ways information can be shared on LEO.