LEO Network

What is a LEO Hub?

A LEO Hub is a regional center for administrative or technical support. Hubs have regional and topical expertise and act as facilitators, helping to engage a wide range of members and organizations in the Network.

Sample hub services include editorial assistance, technical assistance, translations, consultation referrals, hosting webinars or focus groups and initiating new projects. Hubs often have dedicated staff engaged in monitoring new observations for trends, fostering partnerships and helping to connect members working on a specific observation or project.

LEO is a cooperative system, and there is regular communication between Hubs to consult on those observations with cross-hub importance. With the increasing rate of environmental change, LEO's collaborative model is one way of helping to address the needs of members and the array of questions they may pose.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

A LEO Hub receives observations, reviews and facilitates discussion about observations, and posts observations to leonetwork.org.