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What services do LEO Hubs provide?

Hub staff apply their regional and topic expertise to enhance the LEO Network in their area. Their focus can be narrow (specific topics) or broad (all topics). For observations that benefit from a consultation, Hub staff will often provide consultations on observations in their areas of expertise and help refer the Observer to other experts, where needed. The services provided by Hubs and their staff depend on their capacity. Here is a sample of ten services that Hubs typically provide:

  1. Support observations in their region or area of expertise.
  2. Connect Observers with technical experts.
  3. Provide editorial translation and technical assistance.
  4. Correspond with Observers and Consultants.
  5. Direct Observers to consultation resources.
  6. Update observations.
  7. Perform outreach (webinars, working groups, newsletters).
  8. Recognize and develop new regional projects.
  9. Collaborate with other hubs.
  10. Perform training and outreach to members in their region.

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Last Updated May 25, 2016

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