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What are projects?

"Project" is the feature in LEO that allows you to link multiple events under one category. In LEO, an observation is submitted individually by Network member(s). Each observation tells a story related to a specific time, location and event. But sometimes the events have a broader footprint. A single event (such as a storm) could have a variety of different impacts in one community or location or in many. Sometimes there are many similar events–such as a outbreak of wildlife illness–occurring in more then one community or location.

There may also be an annual occurrence, such as an insect hatch or pollen event, where observations returns seasonally. When a LEO member wishes to group observations together, they can develop a project.

Projects have profiles that describes the project location, leader, time frame and the types of observations included. It can also include links for information and resources. Projects can also receive ribbons that describe the type of activity. Currently there are three kinds of project ribbons:

Sentinel: these are projects about anticipated events not necessarily established yet

Trend: these are projects about emerging events

Watch: these are projects about ongoing or seasonal events

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

There are three kinds of projects: Sentinel, Watch and Trend.