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How do I translate posts from another language?

Posts are always published first in a primary language and may subsequently be translated into other languages. The primary language for a post will often be English, but it doesn't have to be. Based on the language preference of the user, the LEO website will look for a version of posts in that language. If one doesn't exist, it will fall back to the primary language.

Translating a post is fairly simple and only requires providing localized text for three fields: the title, summary and main text of a post.

How do I translate a Post?

  1. From LEO Editor, select the post you want to translate.

  2. The sidebar shows the editing menu for a post. These are the various parts of a Post that can be edited. Notice the Translations option. Click that to translate a post into another language.

  3. From the Translations area, choose a language to translate into. Note that English, Spanish and French are the only languages currently supported, but more will be added as required. Once the translation language is chosen you will have access to the translation form. Notice that for every field you are able to access the default wording (typically English) by clicking show default. Note also that the auto-translate button can be used to get a machine-translation of the text, which might serve as a good starting point for a translation.

  4. To view the translated post, simply click the Preview link in the Post Editing Menu, and change the preferred language to the language you want to view.

How do I view the translated Post?

If a post has a translation into another language, the LEO website will show the translation to the user provided it is available in their preferred language. If it isn't, the user will be shown the untranslated version of the post. A user specifies their preferred language via the language menu in the upper-righthand corner of the website.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

After you select a post to translate you will see the editing menu in the sidebar. Click the Translations option to reveal the Choose Language dropdown menu. This will give you access to the translation form.

When a post has been translated, the navigation bar will show the language dropdown menu. The user may freely change to another language at any time.