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How do I collaborate with other hubs?

There are a variety of ways that hubs can collaborate with each other. Here are four examples:

  1. Sharing Observations – Observations and projects are associated with certain hubs based on proximity and, in some cases, the topic. To share an observation with another hub, use the transfer features in LEO Editor to send an observation to another hub for assistance.

  2. Communication – LEO Home hosts a quarterly webinar to provide a forum for LEO Hubs to share information, suggestions and lessons learned. Established hubs will receive invitations to these webinars.

  3. Technical Consultations – LEO Hubs can provide assistance in identifying topic experts. This is especially useful with emerging events and is one way that expertise from one area can be transferred to another.

  4. Projects – Hubs can collaborate on the development of a Trans-Hub Project. For example, hubs may collaborate on a project focused on an invasive species emerging in a new Hub region. The new hub can help to identify contacts and leads for a joining hub to participate in the project activity.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

Use the LEO Editor transfer feature to share observations and projects with other hubs.