LEO Network

  • Alaska Climate Review and Forecast (Rick Thoman, ACCAP)
  • Alaska LEO Event Review (Mike Brubaker ANTHC / Contributors)
  • What is Bird Flu? (Andy Ramey, USGS)
  • LEO Platform Update (Mike Brook, ANTHC)


02:00 Recording Recognition, Agenda Review - Mike Brubaker, ANTHC

02:05 Alaska Climate Review and Forecast - Rick Thoman, UAF ACCAP

02:20 Alaska Events Overview - Mike Brubaker, ANTHC

02:30 Published Observation sharing by LEO Members – Pending

03:00 What is bird flu? Update on ‘avian influenza’ in the United States and how LEO can help keep and eye out for sick birds in Alaska. Andy Ramey, USGS

03:30 Open Rounds (max of 5 min updates and sharing, sign up through chat)

03:45 LEO Platform Updates – Mike Brook, ANTHC

03:55 Wrap Up and Webinar Survey

04:00 Adjourned

Next Meeting Tuesday, September 20, 2022

LEO Webinar Topic Queue: September: Vanessa Von Biela, USGS Observations among Alaska’s Pacific Salmon During Record Heat and Drought in 2019. Andy Ramey, USGS with an update on the HPAI bird flu outbreak.

Brant goose
Webinar Recording

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