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Brevig Mission, Alaska, United States

This year was one of the warmest and wettest in recorded history, and permafrost thaw is causing the ground at the mass gravesite to sink.

James Olanna Holding Mass Grave Site Cross
Johnee Seetot
Mass Grave Site Cross
Johnee Seetot
Teller Reindeer Station, June 29, 1892
Johan Hultin with crosses he installed in site in 1997.
Johan Hultin
Permafrost In Alaska
Brevig Mission
Brevig Mission Mass Grave Site
Shore Zone
Mass Grave Cross on Ground
Shore Zone
Johan Hultin and colleagues excavating site in 1951
Johan Hultin
Records from Nome (1900 to 2019) shows that 2019 was the second warmest year (Jan - Nov) on record.
A perfect storm for permafrost? 2019 was also the second wettest years on record.

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