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Please join us on September 20th, 2022 for the LEO Network Alaska Fall webinar.


02:00 Recording Recognition, Agenda Review - Mike Brubaker, ANTHC

02:05 Alaska Climate Review and Forecast - Rick Thoman, UAF ACCAP

02:20 Published Observation sharing by LEO Members – Published Members sharing.

02:45 Nicole Kinsman, NOAA National Ocean Service - Coastal Monitoring in Western Alaska,

03:00 James Benzschawel, ANTHC Emergency Preparedness Manager – Coastal Storm Update / Support

03:10 Vanessa Von Biela, USGS – Observations among Alaska’s Pacific Salmon During Record Heat and Drought in 2019.

03:40 Open Rounds (max of 5 min updates and sharing, sign up through chat) - Mike Brook, HPAI Data/ LEO Platform, Jackie Schaeffer (invited)

03:55 Wrap Up and Webinar Survey

04:00 Adjourned

Next Webinar – Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Sockeye Salmon

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