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9 June 2022 / Anchorage Daily News

Historic Lower Yukon wildfire forces evacuations from St. Mary’s and Pitkas Point

Pitkas Point, Alaska, United States

Two villages along the Lower Yukon River have begun evacuating their most vulnerable residents from a tundra fire.The fire late Thursday was burning less than eight miles from St Mary’s and nearby Pitkas Point, and wind continues spreading the flames closer to the villages with a combined population of over 700 people. Yute Commuter Service is sending all its planes to St. Mary’s to evacuate residents, and Grant Aviation is prepared to assist.

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This photo of the East Fork Fire burning about 25 miles north of St. Mary's was taken from the airplane that delivered the eight smokejumpers to the fire on June 2, 2022.
Photo by Pat Johnson / BLM AFS