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  • Update on Forest Health in Alaska (Elizabeth Graham and Lori Winton)

Dear LEO Network Members and Participants,

Thank you all for joining us for the August LEO Network Webinar. All presentation materials are available for download at the bottom of this page. 


1:45pm - Conference Line Opens

2:00pm - Welcome, Agenda Review

2:05pm - LEO Observation Review and Discussion

2:40pm - Presentation

Update on Forest Health in Alaska

Presenters: Elizabeth Graham, Entomologist with the USDA Forest Service and

Lori Winton, Pathologist with USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection 

Description: A subset of Alaska's forests are surveyed annually by the Alaska Division of Forestry and US Forest Service Forest Health Protection specialists. However, surveys have been limited this year due to COVID-19. This presentation will describe recent reports of insect activity and forest disease across the region, provide information on how to report observations of forest health, and welcome any questions LEO members may have about forest conditions in their area.


Mysterious Holes in Leaves
Observed by Darlene Crawford, Seldovia, Alaska June 2020