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What kind of information can I share?

The Consultant may address questions, provide guidance and generally enhance the observation report. They may also engage in a direct dialogue with the Observer(s) and the Editor. Consultants work with the information provided in the observation, but they may also ask for more information from the Observer in order to complete their contribution to the report.

Some typical consultations might include:

  1. Identification of a species or a natural phenomenon.
  2. Identification of a wildlife condition or illness.
  3. Advice on the implications of an event for the health of people, plants or wildlife.
  4. Transfer of information to an existing registry or map.
  5. Context about the novelty of an event, implications, risks, benefits and geographic scale.
  6. Invitations to bring additional local area or topic experts into the discussion.
  7. Advice on how to collect good information for future observations.
  8. Advice on how to engage in monitoring or research collaborations.
  9. References or links to relevant resources or information sources.
  10. Additional graphs, photos, maps or other educational content.

Typically, the Consultant's title, location and organization are included when they post. They can also include links to their organization’s website. For privacy reasons, personal contact information will not be included unless specifically so requested by the Consultant.

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Last Updated May 25, 2016

An observation with consultant comment, reference to additional information and range map.