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What is a LEO Consultant?

A LEO Consultant is an expert who possesses interest in the subject and the capacity to provide technical assistance about a specific observation or series of observations. In most cases, such help would entail taking a few minutes to comment by email.

Consultants can be local area experts or topic experts. Their knowledge base can be local, indigenous or scientific. The prerequisite is having knowledge and expertise relevant for a specific observation and the capacity and interest to respond to the request.

When a consultation is requested (usually by an Editor), an individual can accept the request (thus becoming the Consultant) or choose not to participate. The Consultant may also provide a referral to another topical or local area expert.

Once an expert participates as a Consultant, they become a co-author on that observation report. Co-authors can convene a discussion with other co-authors (i.e., Observers, Editors and other Consultants) in the preparation of an observation report. Sometimes these discussions lead to further collaborations, research or other activities.

It is important to note that not all observations receive a consultation request. Sometimes a consultation is not requested or required, such as when the matter in question has already been addressed in another observation report. Content provided in a consultation is visible to anyone who is a member with access to the network, and all information included in observation reports must meet the publication criteria of the LEO Network to be published.

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Last Updated May 24, 2016

Consultants are local or topic experts from universities, tribal organizations, government agencies, private companies, non-profits, etc.