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How do I communicate with other members?

Consultants often communicate with other Consultants, Observers and Editors on specific observations. This communication commonly occurs via email and is initiated by a request from an Editor. A new feature for virtual Talking Circles will bring the discussion into the LEO Network platform. Members are also welcome to provide consults via the comment box which communicates with Editors at hub locations.

LEO Network members are also able to contact each other through their profiles. If you go into the "Explore" link in the navigation bar, you can search member profiles in the LEO Directory. Open any profile, and you can send the person a third-party email. This way, both your contact information and theirs is protected. Once you are in contact, you can exchange contact information if you like, but the system will keep your email and phone number private.

Contact information for LEO Network staff is available on the About and Team pages. Contact information for LEO Hub staff is available in the individual hub sub-pages. You can also contact LEO Network staff about specific posted observations by submitting a comment from your My LEO page or from an individual observation. The comment cannot be viewed by the members. It can only be seen by the Editors at LEO Home or at a hub.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016