LEO Network

What financial resources or assets are needed?

Membership in LEO Network is free to individuals, and there is no organizational fee for hubs. LEO Network Home supports the basic set-up of new hubs, although it does not cover translation services or onsite training and support. For information about on-site training, contact askleonetwork@gmail.com.

Personnel and other assets for hub operations are the financial responsibility of that hub’s host organization. Here are some start-up recommendations and considerations for new hubs.


LEO Network recommends no less than a 0.5 FTE (half-time) position be dedicated to basic hub activities.


Hub personnel will need a computer with good Internet access in order to use the software and communicate with membership and the LEO Network Home. They will also need access to an iPhone and Android hand held device in order to check the appearance of observations on alternative platforms.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

Mary Mullan providing LEO Network Hub support.

LEO Home team member, Moses Tcheripanoff, hosts a Teleconference/Webinar.