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How do I update my Hub Site?

In addition to publishing posts to the LEO Network, hubs also have the opportunity to publish supporting content to a dedicated Hub Site within the LEO website. A hub's site is a great place to display social media links for the hub, links to news coverage of the hub's activities.

Where is my Hub Site?

Hub Sites are in the About section of the LEO website, accessible via the list of contributing hubs (see Figure 1).

What's on my Hub Site?

Hub Sites automatically contain:

  • A list of posts published by that hub
  • A list of hub team members (i.e., the administrators for the hub)
  • Some basic statistics about the hub, such as how many posts it has published, what types of posts they are, and when they were published

In addition, a Hub Site may contain:

  • Social media links for the hub
  • Other webpages, which may contain things like news excerpts pertaining to the hub, events sponsored by the hub, and so on

See the ANTHC Hub Site for an example.

How do I update my Hub Site?

Open LEO Editor.

Navigate to your hub.

Click the Hub Site Content button (see Figure 2).

The content of your Hub Site is broken into three categories: Pages, Files and Links. Toggle between these categories using the buttons.

Pages are simply web pages. You are able to type your web content directly into LEO Editor, and it will render as a web page within your Hub Site.

Files are uploaded to LEO Editor and are typically PDFs, images and Office documents. You should use Files if you have some prepared content to share with your audience.

Links are the best way to advertise your social media (and other online) presence. You are able to store Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other types of links here.

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Last Updated Jun 2, 2016

Figure 1 The list of contributing hubs is in the About section of the LEO website.

Figure 2 The Hub Site Content button allows you to edit your hub site. The Public Hub Site button takes you to your hub site.