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The Decline of Sea Ice in the Arctic

Lori Townsend
Alaska Public Media
April 2, 2019

Climate change, health and the LEO Network in Alaska

Kathleen McCoy
Alaska Public Media
September 1, 2017

See It, Post It: Citizen Data Could Influence Scientific Findings

Polita Glynn
Compass Points
August 23, 2017

The indigenous fight against climate change

Irene Fogarty
Irish Times
August 3, 2017

LEO Network shares knowledge across borders

Shady Grove Oliver
The Bristol Bay Times
June 16, 2017

This Network of Indigenous People is Reporting from the Front Lines of Climate Change

Eillie Anzilotti
Fast Company
June 14, 2017


Randy Henderson
CBC News
June 9, 2017
LEO segment starts at 15:17

Citizen observers chart Arctic change

Ashley G. Smart
Physics Today
February, 2017

Oddasat - TV

By Thor Thrane - News on SamiTag 8. Climate change, "Indigenous traditional knowledge and local observations will help scientists by researching climate change in the United States. The project can be moved to Lapland. Work started in Alaska over a network between indigenous and opinion is identifying climate change. Now do it all over North America. People submitting information about special events in nature via an app. Local observations we receive can be done by people from traditional industries from local people and also from researchers. The observations are made based on priorities that society or individuals doing. Indigenous group is under a working group of the Arctic Council and they have a two-day workshop in Kiruna where projects in Lapland are portrayed. One should try to find out about Alaska project can be traced to Lapland and around the Arctic. We see climate change happening quickly and we have no knowledge about them before they have already happened. Now we get through the network know about the changes as they happen. Ninis Rosqvist researcher on climate change along with reindeer herders. She says it's great if Leo project expands it must get money from the government to support this kind of monitoring. It shall be based on needs, and based on what one needs to know. Therefore, it is good that Sweden engages itself. Arctic countries can learn from each other and may unite networks, it is the idea of this." Source: News on NRK.NO (Norway)
January 17, 2017

Citizen Science in the Arctic

Stan Meiberg
EPA Connect
September 28, 2016

Local Environmental Observers Network expansion will develop a network hub at Northwest Indian College in Bellingham, Washington and create a model for other tribal colleges across the U.S.

Suzanne Skadowski
U.S. EPA - News Releases from Region 10
September 26, 2016

Smartphone Apps Encourage Local Involvement in a Changing Climate

Emily Russell
June 8, 2016

Episode 55: Life Without Ice – The New Norm?

Rhonda McBride
CBS 11 - KTVA Frontiers
May 15, 2016

Tribe Mapping Environment’s Health

Laura Jo Welter
Del Norte Triplicate
March 3, 2016

Web site connects residents, observers

Shady Grove Oliver
The Arctic Sounder
April 8, 2016

Local Observers Track Environmental, Health Trends

Hanna Hoag
Arctic Deeply
March 8, 2016

Annual winter growth of Arctic sea ice stalls early

Yereth Rosen
Alaska Dispatch News | Arctic Newswire
February 23, 2016

App to help Alaskans fight climate change goes global

Emily Carlson
CBS 11 - KTVA Alaska
February 11, 2016

Diverse Group Provides Environmental Observations from Remote Alaskan Sites

Tim Ellis
Changing Arctic: Stories from the Circumpolar North — KUAC TV9 ● FM 89.9, Alaska
December 11, 2015

LEO Network Helps Residents of Alaska's Bush Monitor Health, Environmental Problems

Tim Ellis
Changing Arctic: Stories from the Circumpolar North — KUAC TV9 ● FM 89.9, Alaska
December 4, 2015

New App Helps Alaskans Keep Tabs on Changing Environment

Alexis Fernandez
CBS 11 - KTVA Alaska
November 12, 2015

Arctic Council Looks to Alaska Citizen Science Network

Joaqlin Estus
Alaska Public Media - KNBA 90.3fm
November 12, 2015

Observers Say Many Alaska Berry Harvests Becoming More Variable

Suzanna Caldwell
Alaska Dispatch News
October 8, 2015

Alaska Observer Network Promotes Grass-roots Environmental Science

Yereth Rosen
Alaska Dispatch News
September 13, 2015

In Rapidly Changing North, New Diseases Travel on the Wings of Birds

Lisa Lester
Ecological Society of America
December 2, 2014

As Ice Sheets Melt, Communities Worry That Health Effects are Overlooked

Henry Gass
Scientific America
May 29, 2014

Network Gathers Local Climate Change Observations

Carey Restino
Arctic Sounder
June 22, 2012

In Publications

Environmental observation, social media, and One Health action: A description of the Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network

Emily Mosites, et al
One Health
October 2018

The High Latitude Marine Heat Wave of 2016 and its Impacts on Alaska

John E. Walsh, et al
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
January 2018

Assessment of the Potential Health Impacts of Climate Change in Alaska

Sarah Yoder, MS, Alaska Section of Epidemiology
State of Alaska Epidemiology - Bulletin
January 2018

How Are Your Berries? Perspectives of Alaska’s Environmental Managers on Trends in Wild Berry Abundance

Jerry Hupp, Michael Brubaker, Kira Wilkinson and Jennifer Williamson
International Journal of Circumpolar Health
September 2015

Wildlife health in a rapidly changing North: focus on avian disease

Caroline Van Hemert, John M Pearce and Colleen M Handel
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
December 2014

LEO, the Local Environmental Observer Network: A Community-based System for Surveillance of Climate, Environment, and Health Events

Michael Brubaker, Moses Tcheripanoff, James Berner
International Journal of Circumpolar Health 72(22447):513
August 2013

One Health - A Strategy for Resilience in a Changing Arctic

Bruce A. Ruscio, Michael Brubaker, Joshua Glasser, Will Hueston and Thomas W. Hennessy
International Journal of Circumpolar Health
September 2015

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